Bye Bye Kazakhstan, さらばカザフスタン
I love the smell oh glass land. Smell of Lemon glass was brought from somewhere by wind in the morning.


I met couple of guys on my way.


A guy from england, Paul, he started in east china and heading to England. A guy from German, Paco started in Almaty and heading to Toshkent. Since we had same direction till the border of Kyrgyzstan, we cycled together for 3 days. Its very nice to be with someone to talk especially after cycling and morning.


We separated at a border town which was a bit sad. I head that many cyclists cycle central Asia during summer like many cyclists in Hokkaido in summer.


Anyway, this is my last day of Kazakhstan and now next country Kyrgyzstan.


Kyrgyzstan, Japanese don't need visas. Very happy to be out of annoying visa Term.

日本人はビザ無しOkayの素晴らしい新日国です。 久々にビザ期限から解放されるんで嬉しい嬉しい。

I cross the border 20km north of Bishkek. There were many people waiting to get their ID checked so took a bit time. Eventually I went through without any problems.


Now, I'm writing this in Bishkek. Staying at a Japanese guesthouse, Sakura. It's been a long time not to talk to Japanese, so I'm very happy now.


I think I do research for visas issues next few month then took off.

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