Life at Japanese guest house, 日本人宿での日々
Staying nice Japanese owner's guest house, and Ive been relaxing for a week. I got a visa with Pamir permision for Tajikistan so am ready to go.


Sakura Guest house,サクラゲストハウス

Other things I did here were...

I just stayed at the guesthouse and talked cyclists and tourists. It's very fun to listen and talk about how we went. Chinese toilet conversation make always lough.


Chatting with eating a water melon,スイカを食べながら団欒

Also, as I alway do after getting in new country, I cycled and walked around town to look for a sticker. Nice to cycle and see snowy mountain behind city. People here are also nice and kind. Fruit and vegetable are cheep and tasty.


At Osh Bazar, オシュバザールにて

I think the cost of stay in this town is almost same as Kazakhstan. Now 100yen = 60 SOM.


Guest house ゲストハウス 350
Tomato トマト 50/kg
A Water melon スイカ1個 100
Ragman ラグマン 100
Fried rice 中華炒飯 120
A Bread パン 10
A Beer ビール 40

Its not as cheep as south east Asia but still possible to stay here in 1300yen/day.


Will start move. As my plan, will go cycle around a big lake and go toward Narun instead of taking Osh highway.

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