Detouring to the lake ,湖へ遠回り
Finally, I left Bishkek. Sakura, the guest house I stayed was too comfortable for me to leave. In day 7 of Bishkek, the owner got water in the pool of guesthouse, so that made me stay longer. Then finally in day 9, I decided to take off.


Now, I'm cycling.

Headed east to cycle around the big lake called Иссык Кчпь, clockwise. I was really looking forward to cycling Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan so am supposed to take more time this part.


At the beginning of 2 days, I cycled with a couple cyclist from Swiss-land. They are very nice to cycle with. I think more western cyclists are couple than Japanese cyclist. I'm jealous.


Cycling in Kyrgyzstan are very nice as I expected; many people try to talk and to say hello to me. However, the road was not well constructed.

キルギス、人が良いね~。 カザフスタンでもあったような沿道からの気さくな挨拶、気持ちよい。ただ道はやはり荒目アスファルト。走りにく。

The lake was beautiful; thick blue and very clear. The temperature of it is not very cold so it is nice to swim to cool down my body. I heard that a famous monk in China went by this lake on their journey long time ago. They should have gone inside of the lake to cool off.

ウスキョル。綺麗だ~ メチャ青くて透明度が高い。水もそこまで冷たくないから、泳ぐとカナリ気持ち良い。この湖、三蔵法師もその昔通ったらしい。トゥルパンに続き三蔵法師ゆかりの地二箇所目。彼等も道中この湖で身体を冷やしたんじゃないでしょうか。

About place to stay, like Kazakhstan, I stayed local family.


They were very nice and willing to let me stay at their home. I think Kyrgyz use mattress to sleep like Futon in Japan so very nice for me to sleep.


A family I stayed at the first day, they provided us sauna.

For almost all case, people treated me with Chy tea, bread and yoghurt.


A family I met in day 3, I ate a lot.

There were horses and donkeys everywhere. People use them as normal transportation.

Nice mountains.
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