Going to 3days backpacking, 3日間縦走へ
The weather got better, so it's better to take off to mountains

For my plan for next few days.

I will take a Yak tour jeep (300som, $6) to Altyn Arashan. Then spend a night at a guesthouse and prepare for 3days backpacking; I will rent a 80litter backpack which will cost me 250som and bring food for 3 days. From tomorrow, I will take off and will go back to Kalakol city via a glacier lake called Ala Kyol and national park.
ヤクツアーのジープ(300som, 500円くらい)に乗せてもらい、アルティンアラシャンに向かう。3日間の縦走を決行すべく、ヤクツアーの山小屋に泊まり出発の準備 (3日間の縦走をする為に80ℓのバックパックをレンタル250som、食料は街で買い込み)。翌日出発し、氷河湖(アラキョル湖)を見ながらカラコル国定公園を抜けてカラコルに3日間かけて戻ろうという計画。

At the beginning, I thought I would go from town to Altyn Arashan but found that all rental backpack at all agents are already booked.

The jeep, a Russian super power jeep, took me to Alltyn Arashan. The road to Arashan was super rough, but this jeep went through. I was pretty amazed. The view was already awesome, so i thought I should have put my things on the jeep and hiked.
そんなこんなで、出発。ジープはロシア製のバン? めちゃくちゃ馬力があって、ありえない山路を登って行く。この時点でかなり景色が良かったから、歩いても良かったかも。

It took me 2 hours to get there. Altyn Arashan is surrounded by many mountains, so there were already enough materials for people to relax or have fun. Also they have a hot spring!! If I started from Kalakol, I could go to the hot spring after backpacking. It's not open hot spring but mixing bath; male and female. Nice!!

The guesthouse was similar to Japanese normal mountain hut. It costs me 750som included 3 meals. There are more possibility to backpack more than a week but also are many attractions around this place like small hikes or horse trekking. I think this place is the best place for people who need to wait for visa.

Anyway, I will take off to the Kyrgyz mountains tomorrow.
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Re: タイトルなし

> いいね~!!
> エンジョイしてるね!!
> 特にこのへんが!!!!!!
> 「自分が入った時は、2人の美女が一緒でした。ははは」
> 体に気を付けて、いっぱい楽しめばいいさ~(^^)
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