Mr.Kim, キム氏
Its sunny. Nice!!!
出発当日は晴れ!! 良かった~

Had a breakfast and took off by 7am. I had a company going with by somewhere on the way. His name was Mr.Kim from Korea. He said "I go to Town within today " it's about 50km away, so owner of guesthouse told him it's impossible, but seemed he will try... Will see.
朝食を済ませて7時には出発した。宿で知り合った韓国人のキムさんも途中まで一緒の予定。キム氏は宿の主人に諭されるも、1日で50キロ近く離れたカラコルまで行くと意気込んでいる。普通に無理でしょ どうなる事やら

We stopped at a local firmly and were treated Chy tea. They live here during summer to feed their livestock. Kyrgyz really like Chy tea. I sometimes saw drivers taking a Chy break on their way while I was cycling.

From there walked 7km. What a amazing view there were. Some people said Kyrgyzstan as Swiss-land of Central Asia. However, for me, it reminds me Glacier National Park, Montana because I've never been Europe.

After this point, Mr.Kim walked wrong way even though he didn't have any map. I tried calling him back loudly but seemed he thought I was just saying hello to him and kept going. Eventually, he realized it was wrong way and came back.

Walked awhile and stopped right before a pass; there will be the Glaicier lake after the pass. I stopped because the weather started changing, and I wanted to see nice view of the lake under clear sky. The location of camp site was perfect; nice view and a lot of flowers around.

そこからしばらく進んで、湖手前の峠下で今日はキャンプ(天気が変わってきていたし、朝の澄んだ空の下で湖を見たかったから) ロケーションは最高。一面お花畑でその向こうには山山山。

After setting up my tent and started reading my book, Mr.Kim founf me and came to my tent. He was very frustrated that he needed to give up to go up to the lake because it was too late. He went back same way with saying "Oh my god..." In next day, I thought that the god of him helped him and made him back because the trail became very rough and difficult.
テントを張って読書に励んでいる最中 キム氏と再合流。無事で良かった。ただ、寝袋も食料もないキム氏はカラコルへの1日走破は断念。

This is my first day. I got my back very sore. I think it's because my backpack is not proper size of my body.


To be continued.
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Its sunny. Nice!!!出発当日は晴れ!! 良かった~Had a breakfast and took off by 7am. I had a company going with by somewhere on the way. His name was Mr.Kim from Korea. He said まとめwoネタ速neo[2012/07/03 11:57]
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