360° panoramic new world, 360°パノラマ世界
When I woke up and opened my tent, fly seat was frozen. Seems the temperature of outside is still near 0. Cooking oatmeal with seeing snowy mountains was very nice.


Took off by 7am. Since I stayed right before the pass, very steep slope was started immediately. I took 1hour for 300m.

After this pass, the view was totally changed. There were the glacier lake(Ala Kyol lake) down below and 360° panoramic view. It was absolutely gorgeous. The elevation of a high mountain behind me is 5020m and this pass is 3800m. I believe this is the highest point where I hiked up(I cycled up 4820m in Qinghai)
最後のひと越えの後景色は一転、眼下に広がる湖(アラキョル湖)と360°のパノラマは圧巻の一言。いやいや、キルギス、予想以上です。多分見える山々は天山山脈の一部?なんだろうか。ちなみに左奥の山が5020mで、自分がいる場所が3800m。 多分だが、登山で上がった場所としては最高地点(チャリでは青海省の峠4820mを1月前に越えている)

Stayed at the pass for awhile and started going down. The bank of the lake is full of flowers. I hated to walk on flowers; impossible to avoid flowers.

This day, I ended up a nice camp spot, 10km from this morning. Good time to read a book.


To be continued
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