Super stiff body at the last day, 最終日身体バキバキ
This is supposed to be the last day of backpacking. However, I left about 20km to the town.

My legs were super stiff because i walked sandy steep down slope for 10km yesterday. I had a heard time to push my body up in this morning. Eventually, I could push up myself and started walking.


On the way, there were supposed to be a bridge to cross a river, but I couldn't find it. I crossed a frozen cold river by walk. So far, even though i had a good map, I lost the trail many times because it's not maintained properly; it's covered by glasses in many sections. However, the trail basically follows a valley, so this route is not difficult, I'm supposed....


Other side of the river, there was a gravel road for 4×4. I just keep walking on this road till Kalakol. There were many cows and horses on glass-land where snowy mountains behind. It's pretty nice scenery.


Finally, I reached the entrance gate of national park. This place was supposed to be my final destination. I walked about 7hours total today... At the gate, i needed to pay an entrance fee, 250som for this park, but it was discounted 50som when I said "I'm Japanese". This fee will go to his pocket anyway....

そんでやっとこさカラコル国定公園のゲートに到着。一応ここがゴール?的な場所に決めていた。いやいや歩きました。7時間くらい歩いたかな。ゲートで一応250som を徴収されたが、日本人だと言ったら「あ~日本人!! 50som 割り引いてあげるよ」なんて言われて50som 特をしました。多分200somはどっちにしろ彼のポケットに入るんでしょう。

From the entrance to the town, it's 10min by a mini bus. At my guesthouse, the first thing I did was to check safety of my bicycle. Then of cause to drink a bottle of Coca-Cola!!

I am 100% satisfied. I believe I have nothing left in Kyrgyzstan. I still want to take a hike somewhere on my way during this summer. It might be in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan.


It will be a super nice sleep tonight...
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