The reason I stopped in Kochkor is to see my friend, Eric, from Sweden.


I met him when I did a bike tour in north America. At that time, we met at a parking area in Washington state and camped out there together.


Photo from 2009.当時の写真

He was on the way to NewYork from Oregon. Since he bought old cheep bike in Oregon, he got a lot of trouble; 12 times massive puncture at the date when I met him.
He was very annoyed and almost give up.

However, eventually, he made it to NewYork.

We kept in touch since then. After we found that we would start another bike trip, we check updates each other. We promised to meet up somewhere on the way.

After few month later when I started in Bali, he left Stockholm. In last a few month, we decided to meet up in Kyrgyzstan.

This is kind of the memorial day for us. I was waiting for him at the tourist information center in Kochkor. Then I heard someone said "I'm looking for a Japanese cyclist". I immediately knew it was Eric. He was nothing changed; tall and good looking guy.
そんな記念すべき今日、やっとエリックと再開を果たす事ができた。ツーリストインフォメーションセンターで待っていると「I am looking for a Japanese cyclist」という声が聞こえ、すぐにエリックだとわかった。相変わらずデカくてイケメンなのは変わらない。

We had a big hug and started a lot of conversation; about the route so fat, on the way to his distention. About deportation he got in Turkmenistan. about cycling Iran etc....

After changing the place to talk, we kept talking with drinking beers...what we had in last 3 years etc...

There were no reason to stop conversations. We had a lot to talk. However, he needs to fly back home in few days for his stuff, and I need to go to Tajikistan soon because the visa will be started soon. We had a only one day reunion.

We met only 2 times , but I felt he was my long time friend. I had a really good time with him.

After he return to Bishkek from Stockholm in few weeks, he will start cycling again. His distention is Singapore. We promised "Either of us should visit Stockholm or Japan and stay awhile to make more conversation" and took off different way...
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