To Son Kyol, ソンキョルへ
To Son Kyol lake, need to go 50km from Kochkor and turn right at an intersection. Then keep going on the gravel road.


On the way there, I met a Japanese I met at the Guesthouse in Kochkor before I met Eric. We had a bottle of vodka at a night.

Also I encountered many tourists in Kochkor I had met before in Kyrgyzstan. What a small country Kyrgyz is.


On the way Son Kyol, there was only one steep pass. Then will see the lake. For compared with Kalakol, it's more glass land. I cycled the gravel road on this glass land along the lake.

I think the way to enjoy this place is more to relax on this glass land rather than hiking mountains and swimming which might be too cold.

There were many Yorts, the nomads tents, on this areas. I was many times asked for Kumus break. Kumus is a drink made out of horse milk. It tastes strange but can be addictive after awhile.

People I met on the way, 道中で会った人

Getting horse milk, Kumus. クムス取り

I stayed one night there. I stayed at nomad's tent I found on my way. This tent seems very strong, and it was warm inside.

It was very nice ride along this lake.
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