One a very rough road, 険しい道のり
It was very hard work on the way to Jalala Bird.


The road was loose gravel and rough in many sections, and there were a lot of upping down. I normally don't complain but this time was not... At the last pass between Kazarman and Jalala Bird, I took a whole day to just go up.

However, the view and people were so nice!! I got invited for drinking horse milk, Kumus, many times.

On the way down from Son Kyol lake.

This is how switch-buck is like... I was pleased that I didn't need to go up on this...but this afternoon,, I needed to go up again in similar switchback .

Pretty dry in south of Son Kyol.

Grassland again on a top of pass, people let me stay at their summer home. People and animals in grassland do same; laing down on grassland which is the best way to relax...

The last pass between Kazarman and Jalala bird.

From the pass, keep going down till Jalala bird. I had a big lunch with meat and nice..

In this area, more Uzbek lives. Family I stayed at Jalala bird was also Turkish Uzbek. They are looking different from people in north and east of Kyrgyzstan. They are still nice..

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