Vol.1 4days back packing in Northern Alps
当初は両親と、中房温泉⇒燕岳⇒常念岳⇒蝶ヶ岳 というルートだったけど歩く速さが違いすぎるので、現地で予定変更。中房温泉⇒大天井岳⇒槍ヶ岳⇒蝶ヶ岳というルートを自分だけ行く事に。

Went to Northern Alps in Nagano Prefecture.
I was supposed to hike with my parents and to go to Nakabusa hot spring ⇒ Mt.Tubakuro ⇒ Mt. Jonen ⇒ Mt. Chogatake. However, due to the different walking speed of us, I decided to hike by myself and went different route; Nakabusa hot spring ⇒ Mt. Otensyo ⇒ Mt. Yarigatake ⇒ Mt. Chougatake.


First day, camped out at hot spring. The heat of the ground was incredibly hot, so I couldn't sleep well...



Started hiking up at 7 am. This trail was one of the most clouded trail in Japan, so hikers call this trail "Omote Ginza" which means clouded trail like Ginza, Tokyo. On the way, there was a resting place sailing a Watermelon and some food. It was very nice to eat a very sweet Watermelon.



Reached the down bellow of Mt. Tubakuro about noon. It was cloudy weather, so couldn't see any thing from the top of ridge. Had a lunch with my parents, and I took off without them to Mt. Otensyo which is my second night camp.



About 2pm, arrived the camp for second night. It was supposed to take only 10min to get to the top of Mt.Otensyo from the camp, but since it's so foggy, I decided to set up the tent and take a rest. Hoped the weather gets better tomorrow...


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