Out of Kyrgyz, キルギス最後
The hospitality of Kyrgyz became a bit too much for me after Osh. Especially for kids, they were always trying to talk or chase me whenever I passed a village. They sometime tried to high-five. It's exactly what they knew from westerns. It reminds me Kids in Lao acting same way.


I will be out of Kyrgyz soon. I cycled couple of days from Osh and reached to a village, Sary Tash, where an immigration of Kyrgyz is.

From Osh, since Osh is in Falgana basin, I cycled up mostly. There were couple of big passes, and snowy mountain ranges between Kyrgyz and Tajikistan was appeared after passing the last pass. Sary Tash is 3000m upper sea-level, so it's quite cold. I wanted to use all of my Kyrgyz Som and it was cold, so I stayed at a guest house at the end of my stay in Kyrgyz.

I stayed in Kyrgyz for 34 days total. I was supposed to stay here for about 2•3weeks at beginning, but I ended up such long time because so many things to do here; mostly outdoor stuff. I really recommend this country for people who like outdoor.
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