Pamir Highway, パミールハイウェイ
A road going towered to Tajikistan from Sary Tash is called Pamir Highway. I'd been thinking to cycle this road for long time.


I got known about this road when I cycled north America, 2009. A cyclist told me that there was a very beautiful area in Central Asia; Pamir.


Since then, I'd never forgotten about this area. This was one of the "MUST" area for me.


17000km and 10 month from at the beginning, I finally reached this road.


The day of leaving Sary Tash was perfect. I started cycling on Pamir Highway.


25km from Sary Tash, there was Kyrgyz border control. Tajikistan immigration is 20km away from there, and I must have cycled cross a pass.


This pass was over 4000m. It's been long time since I did such highpass. On the way up, the view was very nice so I took so many photos.


After the pass, I'm already in Pamir highland. The contrast of dry mountains, high snowy mountain range and crear blue sky was incredible. This was exact what I check about Pamir by google earth.

峠を越えると、そこはタジキスタンはパミール高原。乾いた大地と雪山、真っ青な空には綿飴のような雲がポツポツと広がっている。それは正に、Google earthを使って見ていたパミール高原そのものだった。

At the first day, I camped out nearby Karakyol lake. This lake was very beautiful so I stopped at local guest house next day and stayed one night instead of keep going.


Well, how I should make a route in Tajikistan.

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