To Murghab via Acbaital Pass, アクバイタル峠を通りムルガブへ
It was true that Pamir highway was cyclist's heaven. Ive seeing at least one cyclist everyday. For cars, i don't see much; one or two every 2h.


Pamir is like a complex of dry brown mountains, pure blue sky and white cloud. There were pretty much soundless once I stopped. I felt that this place is like the way of a heaven. Actually, the average elevation of Pamir is over 4000m.

After Karakyul lake, I passed the pass named Akbaital. It was 4650m and my highest record for passing a pass with gravel road by bicycle. When I passed Akbaital, it was snow a day before. I camped out right before the pass so my tent got snow in the morning. However, it was very nice to cycle along the snowy mountains next day.

Then, I reached the first decent town, Murghab. There were many homestay which cost mostly $6/night. I picked one. They were nice Kyrgyz family and take care of me a lot.

In this town, people are mostly Kyrgyz. When you check the world map, you see very complexed borders in these areas. I think histoliculy, this area has been a melting-pot. According to Kyrgyz, Pamir belongs to Kyrgyzstan. Tajik says south west of Uzbek belongs to Tajik. Uzbek says part of Kyrgyz, Jalalabird where I stopped, belongs to Uzbek. Seems those countries "Stan" don't have good relationship. However, it's fun to go through this area with thinking about how people create history.
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