the last 4000m pass, 最後の4000m越え
Left Murghab after taking a day off. The home-stay where stay charged me everything including Chay and Bread I had, so I payed about $12/day unexpectedly; normally, Chay and Bread are free. I payed anyway without complain.


From here, will keep going on Pamir Highway for awhile and then take a secondary road going Wakhan Valley.

As my opinion of Pamir highway so far, it's much easier than I expected; mostly paved and it's pretty much easy ride once got up high elevation. Even though there were not much upping down, the view was absolutely incredible. Now I know why so many cyclists come.

From Murghab.

At the day second since i left Murghab, I passed Khargush pass, 4344m. This pass was on the secondary road going to Wamhan Valley, and it was pretty rough in some sections. This pass should be the last pass over 4000m. I don't think I will go up such high pass in this whole trip. I can't imagine how many times I passed over 4000m so far.....
ムルガブ出発2日目、ワハンに抜けるルートに入った。ダートで結構しんどい。ここで、Khargush 峠4344mを越えた。これがおそらく今回の旅最後の4000m越えになるんじゃないかと思われる。ワハン渓谷は標高2700m前後だし、その後はドゥシャンべまでひたすら高度は下がる予定。いったいこれまで何回4000m越えしたんだろう。見当もつかない。

The secondary road. Power line was disappeared.

Khargush pass.

I camped out by the Bank of Pamir river that divides Tajikistan and Afghanistan. I got tired of eating fish cans so started cooking real food recently. Today, I cooked vegetable soup. I used a easy cook seasoning from Rossia that I bought in Bazar. This worked very nicely.

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