To Wahan valley, ワハン渓谷へ
On the way to Wakhan, there were very few cars that passed me. I even didn't see any cars for today. I think that no many people need to go Murghab from here.


Kept cycling along Afganistan border. The valley was very deep and surrounded by over 5000m high mountain range. The road was very rough but no complains since the view was nice enough.

Took 2 days to get Wakhan Valley from the intersection of Pamir Highway.

I met a local Tajik family at the first village, Langr, and stayed at over night. Father with 3 boys works as a miner. He showed me some metals such as ore of ruby.


There were ancient rocks arts on north slope of mountain in this village. A huge granite rock was full of arts. However, some were just drawing recently someone wrote.

In here, people became more Iran looking; they have blue eyes and not Asian looking. According to my guide book, they belong to different group of Tajik. They are called "Wahi" and Ismail group of muslims. They don't have mosques and play; not normal Muslims. I think they are even close to animism since they enshrine hot-spring etc... I am lucky that I don't face on problem over Ramadan; its started 20th of this month.
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