Hot spring in Wakhan, ワハンの温泉
There were no many cars running along Wakhan valley as well. This is pretty quiet place. Wakhan has more green and cultivated lands, compare with Pamir highway.


There are always people's life where streams and branch of the river come out of mountains. Seems people had been in this valley since long time ago as the rock painting i saw shows. Also I saw a historical evidence of Buddhism; Buddhist caves and Stupa.


Wakhan has more things to see. There were hot springs everywhere along this valley. From Langar, I saw 3 different springs in different place. Springs are drinkable, and I will say springs were carbonic springs. Those places were kind of where local communicate; I saw local chatting at a spring and drinking.

Today, I cycled until noon and decided to hike up to a mountain to visit a hot spring. The village nearby was Yamchun, 40km from Langar. Fortunately, i met a local family at this village and could leave my stuff at their home while I was visiting the hot spring.
この日は午前中だけ走って、午後は聖なる?温泉 ビビ・ファティーマまで山を登る事にした。場所はランガルから西へ40キロのヤムチュン村。ヤムチュン村では運良く良い家族に拾われて、自転車なんかはこの家族の家に置かせてもらう事ができた。

On the way there, it took me 2.5 hours around. Looked could go up by a car but I walked; many local just walked on trail. There was an old castle wall left at the top of cliff. This was more amazing than I expected. It was like a castle flowing in the sky..

The Hot spring was in between cliffs, and seems spring coming out of this cliff. I was surprised how they built this building.

Looked this hot spring was famous in Wakhan, so there was many locals. They charged only foreigners? So I payed 10 somni (about $1.5) at an entrance.

It was 20min shift system; men and women. When I went there, it was time for women. I waited 10min for all women to be out.

Once got into a building, there was dressing space and a tab behind.

It was very impressing; a lot of hot spring was coming out of rock surface above.


I had been without bathing and shower for more than 2 weeks, so It was super nice.


After taking a bath, I hiked down to the village. Tonight I stayed at the local family where I left my bike.

By the way, I haven't seen cyclists since the interception of Pamir Highway. it's a bit strange...
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