Ishkashim, イシュカシム
I got to Ishkashim. Then first of all I found a guesthouse nearby a bazar that locals told me. Actually it was on lonely planet so I met many backpackers there. I was surprised after checking a guest book that one of my friends had stayed here


I got a bad news unexpectedly here. There were gun shooting going on in Khorog, where I need to go through, since a week ago. I met couple of backpackers who just got out of Khorog, and they told me that this circumstance has been happened over the drugs. There were police and troops in the town, and they closed all town. Basically, No one can go out and in. In here, Ishkashim, I met some who were waiting for the road open. However, this problem is getting over now according to locals and backpackers I met. They told me that most of stores already started opening and were getting back normal. But not hundred percent sure if this is true or not and also no way to find out informations by myself because all Internet connection and phone had been cut off by government...Now, I know why I didn't see any cyclists on the way here...

Khorog is the place I must go through to go to Dushanbe; there are no other route to get west. I must find out a right information...I might need to stay here longer.
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