Hot spring once again, 温泉再び
Today, I received a good ? news. Seems the gun shooting has been stopped now; the troops opened the town. I saw many taxis going Khorog in this morning. All backpackers took off not to miss this chance.


So that, I decided to take off but not to Khorog. I will visit a hot-spring again because the distance to Khorog was too long to make in one day. On the way to Khorog, I should check the situation very carefully.

In this time, I visited the place called Garmchashma, 70km from Ishkashim and 6km from main road.

The way to there, the valley became narrower. Panj river became more rough, and more easy to see Afghanistan side now.

The kids have been very friendly. They suddenly start running towered me once they saw my bike and tried to talk.

In Garmchashma, the first thing I saw was a big lime stone sculpture and smell of sulfur. I checked in a cheep hotel near hot-spring at first and then went to a spring.
ガルム・チャシマに到着するとまずデカイ石灰棚が目につき、硫黄の臭いがプンと鼻につく。まずは温泉目の前の安宿にチェックイン 30ソムニ。

This spring remind me Kusatu hot spring in Japan; a lot of sulfur spring coming out. I went to a inside bath at first. They don't have time limit so i could relax more.
草津を思い出す。硫黄泉がガンガン出てる。まずは室内風呂。泉温 40度くらいで丁度良いし、時間制限無しだからゆっくりできる。

Then next was a bath outside. The bath was huge and full of big guys. There were about 50 of big Tajik guys without shade on their stuff. I couldn't take any photos because too many people looking at me.

Most of them kept watching me but I went to the bath. Expectedly, I was surrounded by many big guys, and they asked me so many questions, like where are you from, where are you going, why you don't shave your under hair, etc.... It was kind of fun to communicate with such big Tajik guys in naked. Japanese call "Hadakano Tukiai" for going bathing with other naked people.

I enjoyed the hot spring where I went Wakhan Valley but this one was more fun. Also your skin will get very smooth.
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