After Gun Shooting in Khorog, 銃撃戦後のホーログ
Cycled about 40km. I reached Khorog. I originally thought to take a day off here, but this is absolutely not the right time to be....


There were many bullet marks on some buildings in city center, barricades on the street and armored vehicles blocked the roads. It was very strange atmosphere.

I heard that the gun shooting has been stopped because the Tajik government and gangs started negotiation. However, the gun shooting might start anytime. I should go through here as soon as possible.

In town, I got some food quirky and left here.

Today, I cycled another 40km and stopped at a place where many apricot trees were. I ate a lot of apricots. Tajik are always fun.

After Khorog, the atmosphere became normal. Looks it is only Khorog problem. The all way of communication network have been cut still. I wonder when I can use Internet.... Seems Tajik government really wants to hide this circumstance.
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