Going Along Panj River, パンジ川沿いを行く
Keep cycling along Panj river flowing Afganistan border. The elevation went down to 1300m now. Its a bit too hot to sleep. Before about 2 weeks ago, I slept in sleeping bag. Now, I can't sleep with it. Dushanbe where I am heading is about 800m upper sea-level, so it must be very hot. I don't want to go....

ひたすらアフガニスタン国境をパンジ川沿いに進む。現在標高1300m前後、気温もうなぎ上り。2週間前までテントの中で寝袋に包まってたのに、今じゃ暑くて寝苦しいくらい。ドゥシャンベは海抜800m、暑いだろうな(´Д` )

Now, I'm staying at a guest house in Kuala Khumb. It is right be a river so nice place to relax. However, I got my body bite by bed-bugs. It itches a lot....

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