Visas in Dushanbe, ドゥシャンベでのビザ
I came back to Dushanbe from Tashkent on last Saturday. It took me 16 hours by bus and taxi. I used the border nearby Khujand in this time. This border was also crowded by local people. There were a bit stressing mood; I saw some workers shouting and through passport of Tajik, Tajik out side of custom fighting each-other . For me as tourist, it was okay, so I went through without any problem.


Now, I'm staying Adventure's inn again and it's day 3. Here is many Japanese tourists so im enjoying talking and sharing meal with them.

Today was a day for working on my visa. I visited embassy of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Those will take 1 week processing. I'm hoping to get those on time next Tuesday.

For Azerbaijan visa, I could get today since I had applied before I went to Tashkent.

I will be very happy to be out of my headache for visas after getting ready for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan visas.

Well, what I should do until next Tuesday....
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