Second visit to Uzbekistan. ウズベキスタン2度目の入国
Uzbekistan is very hot...It's supposed be cooler than before but is still over 40°. I have been drinking water at least 5 litters a day. I can believe how cyclists crossed this area on July.


After staying in Dushanbe for long time, I have my body out of shape. I felt my bike was a bit heavier.

Even though I was not strong enough, I needed to go beyond. There were plenty of upping down after a town, Denow, 40km from the border. It took me 2 days to pass this area. I had a hard time to cross this area in this temperature.

In a Gas Station where I camped by.

This country has a rich natural resources such as gas. There were many propane gas station for cars.


They gave me a water melon.

Most of the views. Move shade to shade.

Donkey is still one of main transport. I always think when i see them that they are so cute. A donkey will be my first choice to have if I can.

Typical sign in socialism.

A guy who let me stay in his camp. I stayed at a mobile home where road constriction workers normally stay. He was really good at peeling off begitabl.

When I went to tashkent by a taxi, I didn't feel how Uzbek are friendly. Now, I knew they were extremely friendly. I got many people saying hello or talking to me on my way. When I got to a town, Qarshi, I did a small experiment to define how Uzbek were friendly. I stopped where many people walk in purpose. Expectedly, I got so many people surrounded.

I can imagine how Iranian, who many tourists say they were super friendly, can be like.
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