Uzbek money, ウズベキスタンのお金について
Uzbekistan has black exchange rate. Official rate is $1≠2000UZS. Black rare is $1≠2800.


Sometimes I can get a lot of discount if I pay in UZS; there are some shops and hotels go with official rate.
だから、ドルとソム どちらかで支払い可能な店や宿でソム払いすると、表と裏レートの関係でかなり安くなる場合がある。

This UZS (Uzbekistan Somni), The 1000 bill is the highest, so exchanging $100 can make massive roll of banknotes. This is an example of exchanging for $80.

A bag of black exchangers 闇両替人の手提げ袋

They should do""Denomination". Even though I have small amount of many in my pocket, my wallet became like a balloon. I wish this is JPY or USD.
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