Bukhara, ブハラ
The day 2 in Bukhara. Turkmenistan border is only 100km away, and this country will be the last country of central Asia.


The Turkmenistan visa starts on 13th till 17th. I have enough time to see Bukhara and Xiva.

Bukhara is quieter than Samarkand and has original old capital remained. I like this atmosphere.

This town is historically important place of silk-load between west and east. There are many old buildings left in center.

In this area, the most interesting thing was dome shape buildings where ancient people used for place to trade things. This building has widely opened gates for that camels can go through. There are many of them in this area because people traded different merchandizes in different buildings. There were used to be 40 different buildings in Bukhara.

When i walk and look around this old town with thinking how ancient traders come from somewhere very far, i felt I was in part of ancient history.

I like Uzbek people because of that as I explained about Uzbek before when I went to Samarkand, they are still very nice and friendly even in tourist place such as here.

Now I'm in famous guest house, Madina, where many backpackers come in and get out every day. Owner's family is still taking care of each of us . When I went to bazar to find a sticker for my bike which was not important thing for them, the owner came with me and helped to find one for me.

Anyway, overall I love this place; Uzbekistan and Bukhara. I will stay here another night and go to Xiva without my bike.
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