Xiva, ヒヴァ
I moved to Xiva from Bukhara yesterday. I was supposed to move a day before by night bus, but they didn't come even though I waited it for 4 hours. So that I took a share-taxi which cost me $20 and came here. By the way, a night bus should be as lower as $10.


Xiva is called the town of Museums. There are many Mosque, Madrasas and Minarets inside of the casals wall.

This place is not like Bukhara; a town developed by trading merchandise along silk-road. This was used to be a just normal oasis town.

Most of these fancy looking buildings had been build during 18th century after start of trading with Russia.

I looked around inside of wall today with a ticket cost me $10 but realized that I shouldn't buy the ticket. It's because of that I am not a big fan of Museums; this ticket allows you to visit many museums which are rubbish I think, and I could pay in each places.

I had been a bit frustrated because of that i spend $10 for such rubbish ticket but felt changed by seeing this.

This was a sunset from high area inside of the Casals wall. I'd never seen such a beautiful sunset that sun going into horizon beautify. This is a must see spot.
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