Wataru again and then...ワタル君との再会 そして•••
In Xiva, I again met Wataru I have met in Dushanbe. He is also crossing Turkmenistan but is going to take different route; from Nukus to Ashkhabad which will be 700km. He said that he just want to make a challenge. We will meet up in Mashhad, so I'm looking forward to hearing how he did it.


I had been worry about my US dollars running out, but it has been solved by Wataru. In Uzbekistan, there are not many ATM working. For me, I've never seen any ATM working. So that it was very difficult to get dollars out. I really recommend for anyone who want to visit to central Asia to prepare dollars or euros before coming to Uzbekistan.

Anyway, I spent 4 days total in Xiva and came back to Bukhara. This time was by a bus. I succeeded to take the bus going to Qualshi which cost me 25000, about $9. This was very cheep compare to share taxi but was super uncomfortable.
という事で、ヒヴァで4日過ごして、今日ブハラに戻って来た。今回はウルゲンチからカルシ行きのバスに乗る事ができた(25000UZS 約800円 ローカルは多分10000UZSくらいなはず) ボロバスの乗り心地は良くはないが、値段が値段だから仕方ない。

People coming into the Bus. no space for them to sit so they were sitting on their bags.

From now, I need to kill my time till 11th. I want to start cycling...
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