Entry into Turkmenistan, トルクメニスタン入国
Got inside before 8am; actually the border opens 8am. I think it was because I was tourist. In the Uzbek custom, I didn't get my baggages checked like before. Even they didn't ask me registration forms that they were supposed to ask all tourists. Then I moved to Turkmen custom, they didn't check anything as well. So I didn't have any troubles so got cross the border successfully.


I have a 5 days transit visa. The distance to the border of Iran is about 470km. The most of the way is all desert. I need to check my water carefully.

At first impression of Turkmenistan was that there were a lot of Toyota running. I thought that the life here was easier than other central Asia countries. Actually, they have rich natural resource like gas and oil. They have propane gas for free.
まず走ってすぐに気付くのが、トヨタ車が他の中央アジア諸国より多い。やはり天然ガスで潤ってのか、生活はやや裕福なのか? 実際ガス代はタダらしい。

The first big town, Turkmena Bat. As I do every time when I got into new country, I went to a bazar to find a sticker. There were many people came to ask where I was from.


I have some souvenirs like pin-batch and flag for free. People just gave to me. Seemed they were so excited to see a random Japanese cyclist.

I got a sticker eventually and also prepare for next few days riding. Now ready to cross the desert !!
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