Entry into Iran, イラン入国
Without thinking of cycling, Iran was the first place where I wanted to visit. Also many people I've met told me "Iran was super nice". Now, I'm here!!
自転車で「走る」という事を抜かして言えば、この旅一番訪れたかった国 イラン。道中会う人全てが「良かったよぉ~」と言っていたイラン。とうとうここまで来ました。


This country consists of Islam. The social systems were created by Islam religion. I've been to many Islamic countries but this country is different. People of Iran belong to different group of Muslim, Shia. They more strictly follows Islam teach, so you see more strong Islam atmosphere. I'm not religionist but interested in religion. This country is very interesting for me.

To cross the border from Turkmenistan took me more than I thought. However, this custom was one of the nicest custom; people were very nice.

My first destination is Mashhad. By moving slowly, It took me for 3 days. It was still desert viewing, even more.

I stayed at local home for 2 nights on the way. This is the first night, Ilyos' family. They provided a big meal. In Iran, seems they eat a lot of rice. The portion is much bigger than central Asia's meal, so I can perfectly get full.


A truck driver I met. We had a Chy by the road. When I mutter that i haven't exchange money in Iran, he gave me money about $6....


What a nice people there are in Iran!!
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