世界最悪の交通量テヘラン, The worst traffic, Tehran
Time to leave Esfahan and Mr Muhammad. We've been hanging out since the first day of my stay in Esfahan, so it's pretty sad to say bye to him. This is one of things that I can avoid. Hope I see him again.


To Tehran, it took me 3 days. This part was one of the worst parts for my cycling. There were so many big trucks, so I needed having a mask that I haven't used since Jawa, Indonesia. Inside of Tehran was even worse; heavy traffic and pollution. This city was definitely the worst city in my life. Iranian drivers are driving unbelievably crazy. I was cycling with hoping my safety.

The reason I stopped in Tehran was to see my friend's family who had been taking care of my way. I wanted to say "Thank you" to them.

She is Mrs Kolousani. She helped me a lot. I took this photo in old palace of a king.

I couldn't see my friend's father because he was on his business trip.

At Persian carpet Museums

Went to an area for all bicycle shops. Seemed there were everything for bicycle; XTR, XT etc. This area was definitely the best place for getting what you need for your bike in my travel. Location is north of Tehran station, around Razi sq.
XTRから何から何まで自転車パーツが揃うテヘランのチャリ屋街、これまで見た中では最強の品揃え。テヘラン駅北の Razi sq 周辺。

Tehran was very westernized town, so it looked different from other towns where I've visited. Many people were speaking English and more liberal; many of them followed previous system of Iran, top was a king. I felt a big difference between center and outside what people think for their country. In here, more complain about politics.

In today, the U.S dollar is going up steeply in this country. Their life have been becoming more and more expensive. They have no idea why. I felt this might be caused by the U.S..
現在イランでは急速にドル高が進んでいる。この数ヶ月でかなり物価が上昇し、生活が苦しくなっているそうだ。自分的に、このドル高 アメリカが意図的に操作しているように思えて他ならない。

I heard that there were many demonstration in Tehran against government. Seemed change might come soon to this country.

It was a meaningful visit to Tehran since I could hear what people think about Iran. Now I will head to north.
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