To Caspian Sea カスピ海へ
3 days from Tehran, after long down hill, it's almost to Caspian Sea. The scenery also changed; more trees. Very nice to be in fresh aire forest.


I haven't seen nice forests like here since Kyrgizstan, so I was happy to be here.

Rice field.

Autumn colored mountain.

Fruits in fall.

Compare to the house inland of Iran, the houses in this region have their roof made from ceramic. Looked the house in Okinawa, Japan.

In Rasht, a major city by Caspian sea, Mr. Muhammad came see me from Esfahan. What an amazingly nice person Mr. Muhammad was. Why he does many kinds to me. We just met on the street in Esfahan couple weeks ago.
カスピ海手前のラシュトでは、エスファハンのムハンマド氏がわざわざエスファハンから会いに来てくれた。兄弟の息子が住んでるからという理由もあったようだが、たまたまエスファハンで会った自分に 何でここまでしてくれるのか。

This is not only experience for me. I heard many stories like this from other cyclists. According to Mrs Kolousani, she said people of Iran thought a tourist would be a gift from the god.

For people who have never been to Iran, they might have a bad perspective from media. However, reality is here. I felt this country was safer place to travel than the U.S and EU after cycling 7 weeks. Of cause, this is my perspective as a man. For women, this country is still difficult.

I left Mr. Muhammad once again in Rasht. He is now finding a way to live because he is getting out of his original job, gold shop. Hope he find a best choice.

Back to main topic, Caspian Sea. Finally, I reached to the sea.

There were many shales on a beach, and taste of it was also salty. This is just like ocean. I wish it was warmer so could swim.

Okay, this was the my last "Must See", so now I'm heading to Armenian border.
カスピ海を拝めたのでもうイランでやり残した事はない(つもりなだけ) ので一気に先へ進もうと思います。もう冬はすぐそこ、急げ急げ!目指すはアルメニア国境だ~
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