The last night of Iran, イラン最後の夜マドラサ
From Astara, a city where a border of Azerbaijan is, I went to north west to Armenia border. In this region, people speak different language, more Turkish language, so I couldn't understand at all.


The way from Caspian sea was going up crazy, 1500m up in 40km. However, cycling with seeing the autumn color mountain was pretty nice. It was Iranian holiday, Friday, when I cycled, so many people came to this area and were doing pick-nick.

After passing a pass, scenery became dry again. For me,I like green forest better.

It's getting more mountain near Armenia but better scenery and better bike ride. To be honest, the way from Caspian sea to the border of Armenia was the best part of my cycle in Iran because there were some points that made bike ride better "mountain", "less traffic" and" less wind".
アルメニア国境に近付くと山は段々と荒々しく美しくなり、走るのも楽しくなる。実際、カスピ海沿岸からアルメニア国境までの区間が「走る」という事からすればイランで一番楽しかった。やっぱり "Nice Bike Ride" の要素は、「山」「少交通量」「弱風」だな。

A day before crossing the border, I stayed at a high school in small village, Karavana. I've stayed local house, mosque etc, but this was my first experience to stay at school.

I was told "no photo" so couldn't take any photo of buildings. However, I found many interests. The funniest thing was how students use their body languages when they excuse teachers; Iranian more use a lot of body languages than other countries I've ever visited, so students were appeared funny to me..
写真はダメと言われて撮影はできなかったが、イランの高校生も日本と変わらず、ヤンチャで 先生にホースでぶたれたりしてました。でも面白かったのは、ボディランゲージを多用するイランでは先生に言い訳する生徒も 身体全身を使って言い訳するから、その動きが本当面白かった。これはイラン人のDNAなんでしょうね。

I had more interesting experiences here but leave for after going back to Japan.

Anyway, this was my last day of Iran. I haven't had any trouble in Iran so left only good memorry from here.
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