To Armenia アルメニアへ
The first day of Armenia.

As always, it's exciting to cross a border because things, culture, language, religion etc, would be totally changed from the border. This country also have been on big conflicts with neighbors. Very curious about how people here are.

The border town, Agarak.
国境の街 アガラク

In Iran side, there were nothing. Only I could see was custom buildings but find some exchange box in front of the gate. There were not many trucks neither, so seemed they, Iran and Armenia, don't have strong relation.

I got a visa at the border, $10 for 21days. I didn't get checked any baggages so went through smoothly.
国境でビザ取得(21日有効 $10) 特に問題無し、荷物チェックもなく余裕の入国を果たしました。

At the custom, there was a bank, so I could exchange, $1=407Dr
イミグレには銀行もあって1ドル=407Dr 良いんだか悪いんだか。

In Armenia side, there were a hotel, 3000Dr/night. I had not used all of my budget for Iran so stayed there one night and prepare for a lot of climbing next few days.
アルメニア側はアガラクの街があってホテルも発見 1泊3000Dr。イランでかなりドルが余ったんで、久々のホテル泊を決め込み、翌日からの峠越えの日々に備えるとしました。

However, as I had same experience in central Asia, old soviet union, I got over charged at the hotel; I payed $7 for my lunch. I didn't complained because I was pretty tired. I tried to forget by drinking a bottle of beer.
ただやはり旧ソ連 さっそくぼったくられまして、ホテルの昼飯に7ドルも取られました。疲れてたんで何も言いませんでしたが。ただこの国はビールが売ってます。まず飲んでやりました。そして忘れる事にします。

Ready to go. Heading to Yerevan.
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