Nice Georgian グルジア人いいね~
Southern Georgia was unexpectedly very nice place to cycle. Mountains were not high but the contrast of mountains, old temples and villages were very nice.


The best thing was that people were very nice and welcoming. I had been invited for 2 nights in 4 nights.

I couldn't find a spot to camp until just right before sun-set. Then this family rescued me. Their village, Bodzauri was pretty relaxing.
野宿スポットが見付からず、真っ暗になる寸前に招いて頂いた家族。このBodzauri っていう山の中にある集落、すごくのどかで癒されます。

A boy of this house, Nicor, he suddenly asked me "do you have anybody you like". Then we talked about why he asked me about it. He said he had a girl he really like in his class with 6 people. I hope he told her what he think.

At a temple, Zarzma, monks invited me to have a lunch. I could have a lot of meal even wine. What a nice temple!!

The last pass in Asia.

A castle wall.

Vardzia, this has been built during 12th century. There were 5 million people living here before, but I doubted.
Vardzia 遺跡。12世紀の修道院跡。かつては5万人も人が住んでいたらしいが、そんなでかいか?

A train crossing a river.

In Batumi, I stayed at a family I met the passed for a night. In some reason, I moved to a guest house now. Turkey is coming soon, only 14km from here.
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Re: タイトルなし
いや、それが南米ではない方向に向かうつもりなんですよ〜 近々発表します。

> 山口さんご無沙汰してます。メキシコシティでのんびりしている成田です。
> もうすぐアジア大陸も終わりですね!!今度は南米でしょうか??私はグァテマラで年越して来年2月くらいにはコロンビアに入る予定です。
> 南米の何処かでお会いできることを楽しみにしております!!
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