Blue sky in Batumi, 快晴の中パドゥミ
It had been cloudy or raining for long so nice to see a blue sky here. Along the black sea, the temperature is much warmer than inland. I was surprised that there were banana-trees in a yards.

久々に見る雲一つない青空。気持ちいぃ~ 黒海沿岸はすごく暖かくて、庭先にバナナの木なんかが植わっててビックリ。あぁ~暖かいって何て良いんだろ。

From here, ferris go to Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

There were a nice bike pass along the coast.

I found that the mountains I passed through got snow. I was lucky that I could go though that area just right before snow dumped.

From tomorrow, I will be in Turkey!!
さぁ 明日からトルコだーー
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