Cold Cold Turkey, 寒い~トルコー
When I leave Travzon, I met couple of cyclists I met in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. They were also going same detraction, so we cycled together. They were both solo cyclist and met in Batumi.


I don't stop for tea often when I cycle alone, but I like to have a tea if I go with someone. In Turkey, a Chi costs 0.5TL($0.2), and it comes with a small glass.

We cycled until Giresun and spread own way. For me, going towered inside of the land. I dont like to cycle in cold. I decided it because i want to cycle in Kappa Dokia.

Circle shape bread that I didn't see in central Asia and Iran, 中央アジアやイランでは見れないまん丸いパン


a mosque by sea

After we spread, suddenly, my front bag fell off. A wire connected a strap hold my bag has been torned. It was totally damaged so cannot be repared.

However, I had been thinking a way how I can fix without original wire. I used a breakable. It worked pretty good. It will be recommended for all long distance cyclists.

Before 前

After, 後

Then going to inland. I expected a lot of hills, but it was even more and also colder...I hope I can get to Kappa Dokia.

goıng up mountaın1

Already snowed at the top of a pass, 峠付近は雪がありました
goıng up 2

People I met at a restaurant I camped. They treated me a dinner. レストランで野宿した時に会った人達。おごってもらってしまいました。
people ı met

After passing a second big pass, scenery was changed to like more step and flat. This is the Anatolia high land. 2つ目の峠を越えるともうアナトリア高原です
anatorıa hıghland
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