An ass hole, 嫌な奴?
I heard that Turkish were very friendly and welcoming. However, I had a bad experience yesterday.

It was 1 hour before sunset and starts raining hard. I wanted to reach a big town, Sivas but stopped a GS at a small town 40km from there. It was too late and rainy to make 40km, so I asked the owner of GS to let me sleep tonight. He said okay "No problem"

After awhile, he left to his home and I was with a worker who doesn't speak much. Suddenly, this guy said to me "Don't stay here, go"....I explained it's already too dark to cycle, but he never changed his words... I packed up everything that already dry and left there. Then I found another GS and stopped there. There were couple of friendly men, and they were pretty welcoming. I explained what happened and asked me to stay. They said "No problem". However, there were a problem. An hour later, their boss came and said NO... I was having a bread that I saved for tomorrow morning because they told me not to use fire....I was a bit angry and said "I DON'T LIKE TURKEY !!" . I left there and finally find a place to sleep. It was under a bridge....
しばらくしておっちゃんは家に帰り、無愛想な従業員と2人きりになった。すると、こやつ「泊まるのなんて無理だよ」っと言い始め。自分が もう外は真っ暗だし「雨も降ってるし今から泊まっちゃダメなんて言われても困る」と言っても無理。せっかく乾いたレインギアを着て走り始めざるおえなくなった。そして走り始めてすぐ見つけたGSに再び駆け込んだ。若い兄さん2人がいて、かなりフレンドリー。事情を説明すると休憩室で寝て良い事に一旦はなった。が、1時間後、ボスがいたらしく、ボスにNGを出されて、またもや外にほおり出された。火を使っちゃいけないって言われたから、明日に取っておいたパンも食べてしまったし、どうしてくれんだ。
疲れてて頭にきたから「I don't like Turkey」っと吐いて雨の中再び走り始めた。そしてやっと見つけたのは橋の下。雨はしのげたが、エアマットの空気がすぐ抜けるから、石で腰が痛くて何度も起こされた。

2件目のGS従業員。workers at second GS
people ı met

Now, I'm in Sivas. I think I should have not said that to them because they, young men, were nice. The only ass was the guy at the first GS.. I think I'm too tired so will have some rest here for couple of days..

こんな出来事があった後、今日Sivasに到着した。今から考えると「I don't like Turkey」は言い過ぎたな。お兄ちゃん達は良い奴等だったし。嫌な奴だったのは最初のGSの従業員だけ。疲れ過ぎは良くありませんね。ここで2日程静養します。

Looking around Sivas. There were some old, term of Osmam, Turkish mosque and Madrasa. 市内観光 オスマントルコ時代のモスクandマドラサ


This is a lentil sup I've been eating for last 4, 5 month. Super tasty. I sometime eat this even when I am at town where I have a lot of choices. ここ4・5ヶ月毎日のように食べているエナジーレントスープ(自炊時)マジ美味いです。街にいる時でさえ食べたりします。
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