Winter has begun, 冬の訪れin Turkey
Top three of what I hate while riding my bike are No.1 head wind, No.2 raining, Mo.3 Traffic.
When those come together in same time, it's a big challenging how you keep your sprit to go forward. In this time, those came same time and with coldness. I hate cycling in this condition.


After Gyoreme, the weather became worse and worse as i expected. The wind was blowing very hard. I was almost blew out of the road many times. From next day, the cold cold rain started. Its smash my face so pretty painful.

Furthermore, i got annoying police check somehow. This had been happened before so was my second in Turkey. I don't know why....I guess I look an Afghani illegal immigrant because many people so far asked me "Are you from Afghanistan", even in Iran. However, why people think as a traveler of Afghanistan even though I have a bicycle with a lot of stuff....I've never seen such Afghani.
さらに追い討ちをかけんばかりに、意味もなく警察に止められパスポートチェック。トルコ入って2回目。今回は警察署まで連れてかれた。普通トルコでパスポートチェックなんてされるの? もしかしたら自分があまりにアフガニスタン人に見えるから? トルコに入ってから良くアフガニスタン人に間違われる。でも普通に考えて、アフガニスタン人はこんなフルロードの自転車乗ってないよね。。

I didn't give up by this awful conditions for couple of days. The weather got better. However, temperature dropped dramatically. Seems this is the beginning of winter. Highest temperature of a day is about 2℃ (36℉). I hate cold finger and toes. I should get out of Anatolia as soon as possible.
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