A crack on my front rim, 前輪のリム破れ発生!
??? I felt something wrong on my front break. I stopped and checked. Nothing..... Then started cycling, still strange. Stopped again and checked. Oh Nooooo!!! My front rim got a crack.

ん?? 何か前のブレーキがおかしい。。。止まって確認。何もない。走ってブレーキをかけてみるとやっぱ変。再度確認。ん!! ナニーーー リムが破れるーー!!

I was expecting this because I cycled so many KM without any fatal problems. Fortunately, it didn't get completely cracked open, so I can make to get to Istanbul.

This is the crack after couple of days... It's bigger and bigger. Really hope to get to Istanbul.
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