Istanbulllllllllll !!!, いーすーたーんぶーるーだー
Woke up 3:55am. Why? I need to leave here at 4:30am because I found that the ferry would leave 7:30am a port; the distance from Bursa to the port is about 27km which I take in 2 hours.


After I found this ferry time schedule last night, started packing up and fixed my puncture that I found on my rear right before going to bet. Thus I went to my bed 11pm so couldn't sleep enough.

Started cycling before sun-rise so no one walking in the city. Of cause cycled with my head light. Then 6:30am arrived to the port. THIS IS MY WEST END OF ASIA!!

I thought I would think to feel "I did 25,100km...!! ". However, I didn't. it was just like normal day.
ここまで25,100km 大分長い距離を走って来たな~ なんかあっという間だったな~、 な~んて感慨にふけるかと思いきや、やっぱりこの先もまだあるし、結構サッパリしたもんだ。

Getting the ferry; cost 25TL + 5TL for my bike. It was very comfortable ferry like business class of an air plane. I fell in sleep for one hour.
フェリーに乗り込む。25TL + 5TL(自転車) 中はすごく豪華で飛行機内みたい。あまりに快適なんでガッツリ寝てしまった。起きたらもうイスタンブール。丁度1時間半。


The ferry reached to the port of Istanbul. The blue mosque started appearing my sight. A ferry crosses Bosporus channel. A tourist boat runes on sea. Nice fancy cafes..Then now I was feeling I crossed all Asia. THIS IS EUROPE!!!

I heard an announcement so went back to my bike. Now I'm in Europe. The atmosphere was definitely changed, I thought. Seems this is the feeling of Europe...??

Blue mosque, ブルーモスク

It is beautiful. やっぱり綺麗だな~

Now, I am heading to •••••さぁ こっからどう進むかな~
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