I am now....,何と今!
Guess where I'm now.

I'm not in Europe. Now, I'm totally opposite side of the world, Australia!!

Why?? Because I don't like to cycle in cold. Southern hemisphere is now summer!! As my plan, I will spend my time till next May and go back to Istanbul. Then keep going west, cycling Europe.
何で?って、その理由はただヒトツ、寒い場所走っても全く楽しくないから。オーストラリアは南半球だから、今は夏真っ盛り! ここで5月くらいまで時間を潰した後イスタンブールに舞い戻る予定です。

Another reason for me to come here was to get extra budget !! so I have an working holiday visa. In advance, I applied a job at a winery through my friend's recommendation and got a contract from Feb. Hope it works well.
オーストラリアに入ったのは何を隠そうアノ「ワーキングホリデービザ」、ここに来た理由の半分は小遣い稼ぎです。上手くすればイスタンブールにいた時より旅の予算が増える計算 (上手くいくか不安で仕方ないが) 一応、2月から南部のワイナリーで働ける予定となっております。

Now, I'm in Melbourne. It is the best temperature here. I don't need to negotiate the price, and everything are fixed and already organized well. It's very easy to stay here!! However, for me, it's a bit less excitement.
そして今いるのはオーストラリア南部のメルボルン。暑くもなく寒くもなく最高! 平和な空気が流れてて、当たり前だが全ての物に値段がちゃんとあって交渉しなくて良い! 何て楽なんだろ。実際物足りないってのが本音ですが。。

By end of this year, I will fly to Tasmania and stay in Hobart. Then start cycling Tasmania during Jan!! I'm so excited.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my travel still and stay healthy. No complain except the cost of live here is very expensive... Happy holiday and new-year for all.
そんなわけで私は今も楽しくやっております (物価が高いのが唯一頭の痛い所)、皆さん来年も宜しくお願いします。ではでは





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