First bike ride but!! 初乗り開始 が!
After hobart, I headed to the farm where my friends were picking cherry. This was originally what I planed since I decided to visit Tasmania. It's because my friends are the cyclists I met in Tajikistan so this is a re-union for us.


The place of them was 60km north west of Hobart. Now, cherry season had just started. There are full of cherries on cherry trees. Looks very yammy.


They were actually very sweet and tasty. I'm jealous people working a farm because they can get money and taste cherries both same times. Cherry picking is actually good pay. Some people get over $250 per day!! They can get huge amount of saving in one month. I could work in same farm but chose cycling Tasmania instead.

My friends. In Australia, there are many jobs available for all year around. Even they got too many job to cover up all consumption of Australian, so they need people to come to here and work.

This is their camp.

In this river, there are platypuses, giant eels and trouts. This is the perfect place for people who like author to live.

In second day, the temperature became extremely hot, 38℃. Average maximum temperature of Tasmania is about 23, so it was super hot. I swam the rive to cool off my body and was taking a nap. Suddenly, a guy, he was a boss, came to their camp and started talking something like "Evacuation". I woke up and asked people what he had told them. They were told by him that they needed to evacuate from this area as soon as possible because a wild bush fire has just started nearby.
2日目、タスマニアらしからず、気温が38℃まで上がった。平均最高気温は23℃くらいだから、かなりこの日は暑かった。川で泳いで疲れたからキッチン横のスペースでウトウトしてると、ここのボスらしい人が血相を変えてやってきて、何やら避難がドウノコウノとか? ちゃんと目を覚ましてから聞いてみると、近くで山火事が発生、避難勧告が発令されたらしい。

I actually could see a big smoke coming up to the sky so puck up my valuable stuff and a sleeping bag and then got a car. We moved to a town where a evacuation center was. We are all praying that we won't loose anything by this fire. This night was very hot, so many people couldn't sleep by heat and worry both.
モクモク登る煙からただ事ではないのが見てとれた。急いで避難支度をして、みんなで避難所がある街まで移動。この旅始まって一番のピンチではないか? 「農園が燃えませんように」自転車やその他大多数の持ち物はテントに残してあるので、燃えたらほぼ全ての財産を失ってしまう。そんなモンモンとした気持ちで、祈りながら眠れぬ熱帯夜を過ごした。

Next day, fortunately, the wind changed the direction, so their camp and my bicycle survived. There were still smoke coming out.

My friends surprisingly needed to work that day because a cherry doesn't stop growing, and this heat cause fast growing. It was sorry for them. For me, I also started moving. I told them bye and headed north west of my way.
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