Hate bush fire!!, 山火事嫌だな
My original plan was to cycle around this island clockwise. However, I got blocked by fire on my way after sooner leaving my friend's place so decided to cycle counterclockwise. This island is also very dry, so i heard that it is not unusual to have a wildfire during year.


Even after cycled towered east coast. It's still hazy because there were also fire in east coast. I found this when I stopped by a house for asking water. There were some places still fire going on in east, especially south east. This is exact where I was. It's very difficult to get an information of fires while I'm cycling. Well, I need just ask people frequently on my way to make sure my safety.

In east coast of Tasmania, it's dry and busy. There were so many dead animals on the road run over by cars; wallaby, dingo, possum and even Tasmanian devil!! Alive animal I only saw is wallaby, so I hope I can see others in alive.

There were nice white beaches along east coast. The water was a bit too cold to swim because cold sea water coming from antarctic.

After a few days cycling along east coast, I realized that it's a bit boring for me. I need more excitement in the forest!! I knew there would be more mountains and forests in inland so moved. Cycling Tasmanian forest was an amazing experience. There were so many strange noises made by strange spices. Especially, when it's getting dark, those became more active. There were many craziness going around my tent; wallaby passed by and possum running around. This is the crazy island!!
しばらく東海岸線を走った、綺麗だけど自分的には正直味気ない事に気付き、山や森が綺麗(らしい) 内陸に移動。タスマニアの森の中を走ると、動物の変な鳴き声がいたる所から聞こえて来る。夕方くらいになると、動物達も活発に動き始め、テントの周りでワラビーが通過したり、ポッサムが追いかけっこし始めたり、タスマニアは本当「奇妙」な島だ。

Beautiful sky and clouds

On my way, I stopped a village, Ross. I stopped there because they have a bakery shop that was a image of bakery shop on the Miyazaki movies, wizard's-post service, I don't know the title in EG... I was a bit disappointed after seeing this place because this bakery became a just tourist bakery shop.

A rainbow I saw on my way to Ross. Hope I have a good time.
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