Penguin Beach, ペンギンビーチ
I got many bug bite all of my body and have been itched crazy. I had the same experience in Alaska by spruce bugs. Who they were in this time...

1mmもないハエ?みたいのの大群に襲われ、身体中ブツブツカユカユになった(´Д` )
こいつらはいったい何!? アラスカでも同じような虫に刺されてカユカユになった時があったが、あん時はスプルースバグとか言ってたな。大自然の中、何が起こるかわかりません。

Hit the northern coast line. I came here to see penguins. A lady I met on my way told me that Stanley was a good place to see them; basically, there are penguin view point everywhere in Tasmania.

Stanley is a tourist town, and there were a free camping area at the end of main street.
Stanley は半島になっていて、一応観光地。島に続く道の一番奥が無料キャンプサイトになっていてRVなんかが沢山止まっている。

Animals in Tasmania are mostly nocturnal habit, and the penguin here as well. In here, sun-set is about 9:15pm. It is about time for me to go to bed. In this time, i forced my self and went to a spot. The penguin beach was very rough, and there were many holes seemed their nests.

I walked along this beach very carefully and heard a sound of rocks hit. Then I looked at where it was. There was a little penguin hiding in a hole. He was so cute. This guys are Fairy penguin, the smallest penguin in the world.

I saw these guys in the spot but actually saw them near my camping spot. Seems they are everywhere in this peninsula.

※Note, ペンギン観察注意点
They don't like light but will be okay for red color. If you light on them, you need to cover your torch by red color film or cloth. Don't get too close to them. Let them alone.

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