Harvest season got started, 収穫期始まりました
Started winery job. Clare, a town in SA, is situated in a world famous wine valley, Clare Valley.

いよいよ仕事が始まりました。今いるのは南オーストラリア州のクレア。オーストラリア人にClare Valley と言えばだいたいわかるオーストラリア有数のワイン生産地。

My winery is Kirrihill Wine. What I do is almost any duty in factory; transferring liquid inside of tank to new tanks, connecting pipes, etc.. I thought I would be doing picking job but seems won't do at all..

自分が働いているのはKirrihill Wine。 何をしてるかというと、ワインやグレープジュースが入ったタンクやパイプが入り組んだ工場内で、タンクからタンクへ中身を移したり、パイプをつないだり、タンク内の掃除、クオリティテスト、工場内の仕事は何でもやります。ピッキングするかと思ってたけど、ピッキングは全くしないみたい。

In this job, workers except I am, are experienced workers. I sometime have difficulty to understand their words because they frequently use technical words. Australian use weird words anyway..

Many of us are from oversea; America, Spain, Portugal, etc. I am a only Asian. Work place is pretty nice even though its busy. I'm happy with that.

From next week, we start around 11h shift till mid of April. Hope I can pick up some savings.

They said that in this season, the crop amount is a bit less but the quality is really good. It's very interesting to learn about wines. I had normally beers when I was in Japan but might change to wine after this job.
今シーズンは収穫量は平年並みか以下、クオリティは平年以上に良いそうです。ワイナリーで働くと、ワインの事がいろいろ勉強できて面白い。。 日本にいる時なんてビールばっかり飲んでたけど、これからはワイン通になろうかな。

Anyway, the harvest has been started. Won't be able to update my blog as much as before because not much subjects and times..
I hope I refresh my mind during my stay here and start to cycle from spring.
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