New update, Accomplished wine-job, ワインの仕事完遂
My blog hadn't been updated for long time. It's because I had been busy for working since this job was started.
Now, our harvest was over after 7 weeks hard work. I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be longer, but looks they had less harvest in this year.
However, I could save enough money through this job; almost $10000, $7000 + $3000 tax deduction(I need to claim this tax back later. Will see how much I can get back). It was accomplished by my good effort.

I was always exhausted after work, especially when we had 12 hours shift for 4 weeks. That reminded me when I was a business person of Japan; working at office over 12 hours everyday. However, in this time, it was more fiscal work, so my tiredness had been different in good way.

What I had been doing?? This might be a question. My job was not grape picking. I was working at wine factory where wines were crashed, fermented and filtered; anything before bottling.
今更だけど、まぁ~ こんなクタクタになるまでどんな事をやっていたかというと、ワイン生産のお手伝い。良くオーストラリアでワーホリワーカーがやっているピッキングじゃなくて、そのピッキングされた葡萄を潰して、大きなタンクで発酵させ、それをある程度のレベルまで濾過し、ボトリングされる手前までの一連の仕事。

Sun-rise at Factory, 朝焼け工場

My coworkers, 仲間達

The machine I had been assigned. 自分の担当したマシーン。

This machine filters wines; lees , carbon and etc...

Worker's hand, 働き者の手

One time, I was on local newspaper article. It said "International world cyclist, Kenta Yamaguchi, helping harvest"

I could manage finding a room in town for staying. It cost $95/week. They were my house mates and worked same place. Nice Aussie guys. I more like Aussie after meeting them. Good mates!!
家は何とかクレアの街中で見付ける事が出来た。ルームシェアして週95ドル。なかなか良い場所だった。ハウスメイト達のオージー。みんな同じ職場。良い連中だったな~ 彼等のおかげで、オーストラリア人がより好きになった。

In this year, harvest was not as good as last year; less quantity. I heard that it was because more raining during summer. However, people were saying that quality was really good.
Since I had been doing all for wines, I felt I got many knowledge of winemaking. Hope I can make some conversation out of my experience once I went back home in Japan.

Anyway, this is my story of last 2 months. Looks it is time for me to be back on the road!!! I'm so excited.
まぁ~ こんな感じで、2月・3月は忙しく過ごしてました。そしてこれから出発準備。自転車旅再開です。
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