New beginning, 新たな始まり
In the day for leaving, I woke up as usual. My friend, Ned, was sleeping on the couch in the living-room. Looked he stayed up late for drinking with others. He was not my house mate but was like my house mate.

I started preparing to take off and banged around in my house. Looked I made my house mates up. Sorry. They were supposed to be a day off today. Although I lived with them briefly, I had a lot of good time with them. I felf sad to leave here. They, left sully, Ned in the middle, Coffey on the right, were my best friends of Australian ever!!. At the end, we exchanged hugs. Since they were giant, I was almost died by choking...joke mate


I left my house with my friends' car escorted. They were so nice until the end. I hope I can see them near future. Good bye mate!!

These are guys I worked with during vintage. I took this photo during soccer practice in a day before I left. Many of them were very young, 22, 23, 24. Nice guys.

I have only about 2 weeks to the fright to Istanbul. My destination now is Melbourne. Bye bye Clare Valley.
さあ、イスタンブール行のフライトまで2週間のみ。いざメルボルンに向けて出発! さらばクレアバレー
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