Secret recipe, 秘伝料理
After passed the hills called Adelaide hills, east Adelaide, the flat plain was appeared on my way.

Second time crossing river by boat, 30km south from Murray Bridge.
オーストラリア2回目の渡し船。Murray Bridge 南30kmにて。

Seems the wind direction is from south normally which is not good for me. I have been cycling against the wind everyday... Normally, I prefer not to push much agains the wind. However, in this time, I need to make distance since I have my fright schedule.

Coorong National Park.

There were many birds. It's like a paradise of birds. Some birds are coming from Japan.

Australia Pelican. It reminds me a japanese popular logistic company that has logo for Pelican.

Very White Salt lake

From here, there were not much scenery changed. I had just kept pedaling. The most exciting things during a day these days were cooking own meals and coca-cola I buy some times.

I have been eating a soup with pumpkin these days. I put a lot of garlic, so my soup is a high energy sauce. Many cyclists don't cook, but I prefer to cook even though after cycling all day. It's because cooking is fun part of travel.
Now I will unveil my soup recipe. This is very easy and always find those material around the world, except i changed meat depend on country. Hope it helps some.

What you need, 準備するもの
Potatoes, ジャガイモ 中 × 2
Onions, 玉ねぎ小 × 1
Carrots, 人参小 × 1
Pumpkin, カボチャ × 1/5
Lentil, ヒラ豆 100g
Garlic, ニンニク × 1/2
Bacons, ベーコン 150g
Chicken soup cube, 鶏ガラスープの素 × 1 cube
Pasta, パスタ × 100g~
Water, 水 × 700ml

1. Put lentils in a pot with water to soak.

2. Cut potatoes, onions, carrots and pumpkin in 1cm and dump those in a same pot.

3. Boil with high heat in 10min. Meanwhile, cut beacons and garlic in size you like and then dump those into same pot. Put chicken cube as well.

4. Cook 20min in low heat. Some additional water might be needed.
20分程 弱火でコトコト、水が減ったらお好みで多して下さい。

5. Well done. This is very hot so carefully. Oh, don't eat all. You cannot eat all anyway. Leave 1/3 of soup.

6. Add uncooked pasta into the soup left over and close the top. In the next morning, you will be able to have pumpkin soup pasta.

※ if you travel in warm condition, can meat such as spam might be better.

This is a men's food, so the process is a bit rough. However, you need just a pot and to wash at the end, in the morning, only once. Also, don't need to have a lot of water; 1.5ℓwill be enough to finish all process. Hope you try sometime.
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