Great Ocean Road, グレートオーシャンロード
The way to Apollo Bay on Great Ocean Road.

There were unexpectedly some upping down, so I needed to work harder than I thought. There were many limestone tower looking rocks stood in the ocean. The contrast of white rock and cloud, blue sky and greenish ocean were very beautiful.

Although it was supposed to be an offseason, there were still many tourists. Especially, the number of Chinese surprises me. If the place where i was was unknown, I would think it was in China.

After half of great ocean road. The road goes along the beachside. There were supposed to be Koala spotting, but I couldn't find any unfortunately..

Torquay is the town located at the end of Great Ocean Road. This town is only 100km away from Melbourne. I had a reunion with Australian friend, Matt. This reunion was another thing that I had been looking forward to on this trip.

I met him in May, 2012 after Japan had a big earth quake. We worked in same NGO for disaster recovery process and were same group. At that time, the town, Ishinomaki, was totally devastated. We had been covered by sludge everyday for cleaning. He is one of few foreign people who shared same experience with us. Now, he came back to Australia and studying architecture. Looked he was always busy for studying and surfing.
When we took a bike ride around town, I found that he had a same kind of Tire that I was supposed to buy. Surprisingly, he gave it to me. It was so lucky for me.
As appreciation, I changed his crank-set and restored rear deraillure and shifter.

I had a really good time in Torquay and headed to Meruborune.
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