Prepare to take off, 出発準備へ
I arrived to Melbourne. As I expected, the traffic on the Highway was nightmarish. However, the space for cyclists was as wide as 3m, so it was not scary to ride. Also, I found several bike passes to city center so could get to here pretty easily.


In this time, I am staying at a room that Mr.Nicholas owns. I found him in the website, Warmshower, it's like couch surfing for only cyclists. It was very helpful for me because I really didn't want to stay at a messy, dirty and noisy Australia's backpackers.

The view from roof top of his home. Very nice.

My flight schedule is 23rd. Until then, I will enjoy the atmosphere of a big city. I hope I can manage myself not to buy things that I don't need since there are so many nice stuff in this city.

I didn't know nice to visit to this market.

Kangaroo meat, I will fix a kangaroo carry tomorrow.
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